Friday, February 29, 2008

polka dots

this is an altered box from christmas - it once contained some yummy chocolate, and was adorned in happy little snowflakes and snowmen. i painted over it, added black paper polka dots (attached using varathane water based varnish) grosgrain ribbon and a melissa frances antique keyhole embellishment.

Friday, February 22, 2008

have you ever cleaned out your washer?

today I inadvertantly poured my detergent into the fabric softener well. its the kind that sits on top of the agitator. i think about doing that every dang time i go to put detergent in and hope that I dont do it. I was even thinking to myself - {dont put the detergent in the softerner well} as I poured it in.

so cursing myself, i unscrewed the top and went to pour the detergent out into the basin and decided to look down the hole of the agitator to see how it dispensed the softener.

omg. i will spare the details, but let me just say this. if you have a washer like this. dont look down the hole.

you will never want to wash your clothes in there again.

so i am off with rubber gloves and a gallon of bleach (which will kill my septic system) to scrub the hole.

i just have to figure out which kitchen utensil will fit appropriately.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

the eclipse

these shots were actually NOT taken by me lol! Joe took them and totally not bad for a night shot first timer. anyway - no long drawn out story here - just a couple pics to commemorate the event

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2 new art journals

these journals feature worldwin papers ruche paper; doublemates fairytale pink cardstock; zsiage alpha structures monograms; heidi swapp polka dot mask; melissa frances glitter chipboard hearts; watercolor pencils; misc ribbons.
these are for my faux kiddo's in ny ~ ~ ~

Sunday, February 17, 2008

ice capades

so, roxann inspired me to blog about my hatred of....palmettos bugs.... 3 years ago, we moved to ohio. we left sunny south florida with it's swaying palm trees, humidity, sticky boiling hot cars, sun faded furniture (for idiots like me who place it in front of windows), crystal blue swimming pools which we never went in because it was too dang hot to leave the comforts of the AC, my favorite critters: sun bathing lizards; and my most hated enemy-the palmetto bug. they lived everywhere. two things you could always count on creeping around your house. lizards who got startled and ran the wrong way while you were entering the house and palmetto bugs, which likely entered their posh hotel riding on the coat-tails of concrete block cave dwellers.

on one of the moving trips my husband made up here in the middle of a snowstorm in early 2005, my step brother, who is an orkin man, thankfully stepped up to help joe unload. during the unload, which was mostly stuff that came from our storage unit and had been in there for several years at this point, they all noticed these dead palmetto bugs (for those who dont really know the term, think of a big fat 2" COCKROACH cuz thats all it is) lying on the floor of the truck. step-bro, in his infinite orkin wisdom, thought this was the motherlode! he was excited! he started picking them up and putting them in a ziplock baggie and had planned on taking them to the shop for all the orkinites to poke and prod.

later, in warm depths of my mom's house, everyone was sitting around chewing the phat around a hot roaring fire. step-bro decides to reach in his pocket and check on his prize when he starts feeling a curious wiggling sensation - he pulls the baggie out of his PANTS POCKET and holy s--t! THEY'RE ALIVE! ALIVE I SAY! everyone starts flipping out. and that, folks, is why they say the cockroach is the only thing that will survive a nuclear (or nucular for those from bush university) winter.

as mentioned to roxann, i gave these up, for field mice who on occasion decide my house is a pretty cool place to be...which leads me to tomorrows post. my dog.

oh and PS - the picture above of the DEAD palmetto-roach was taken just a few short months ago in my backroom. this one, had apparently crawled up into my memoir basket (while in florida obviously) and musta forgot it was hiding. i had brought my basket in to sort thru old photos, and he fell out. gross.

pss - they think if they hide, you cant see them. theyre so stupid. one time one was running across the wall and decided it was going to run and hide behind a glass plate i had hung up on the wall. my red glass plate. my CLEAR red glass plate. can i just say how weird looking this roach was trying to hide under a red clear glass plate?

psss - did you know palmetto bug scat is as big as mouse scat? yes - it looks nearly identical too.

trek delay - wahhhh

ok so just a few days ago, they announced that the new trek movie is being moved to May 2009. ok i feel better knowing they are releasing it for summer blockbuster and are even hooking up with McD or BK for promo. pretty kick butt if you ask me - i believe I read that it wasnt since the original ST movie that they had done that. I'm sooooo excited and totally cannot WAIT! although bummed it isnt sooner like i had planned in my head already, but the wait is totally worth it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

- that clean house smell...

i went on a cleaning rampage today and i'm still not finished. i cant believe how much dust this old house creates. or is it us? idk, but I started at one end of the and worked my way thru, like any good housewife would - ok so i'm not a housewife - but i play one on tv.

i'm working on my old office and moving things around, noticing that my furniture is coming out nice & shiney and smelling all orangy and stuff. i move on to the family room and do the same and catch a little overspray in my eyes as I spray the wall shelves and my faux japanese maple tree, that everyone thinks is "something else"...ok that burns. no biggie...i'm feeling the room...looking all lovely and shiney, weird that the poofy white glob of furniture polish isnt coming out like usual - but whatev...dining room...starting from the top of course, i dust and wash and get halfway across the monster dining room table . i grab the can to spray another section and my eye catches the word "active" on the can. feeling perplexed, i wonder why my furniture polish is active. my eyes wash over the rest of the orange can now and i am crapping myself as i realize that not only is my house now sweatproof, but it is also saved from the ravish of mosquitoes that carry the west nile virus.

the real debacle is trying to decide whether or not i shoudl finish the table using the bug repellent or use my real furniture polish, in its orange can, still under my kitchen sink.

i reason that the outcome of using two different products would yield an unsavory finish on my black french oak table and continue spraying my active sweatproof OFF...

it sure is shiney.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

a little whimsy

just a small project i did a couple months ago - i love how it turned out, but you cant help but think i was in some kind of altered state...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

anniversary mini album & love box

ok so like right now i'm thinking i'd like to slap this book on the side of his head, but thats not becoming of a lady ... ugh MEN. whatever. but anyway, here is the finished book and all the credit goes to roxann
it turned out wonderful. it fits inside a crafty creations envelope perfectly

also this evening, thom & i spent time getting his valentines and valentine box done. I worked on the box and he addressed, stuffed and bagged all his valentines & goodies - all by himself. love that. a LOT

they havent had school all week now from the weather, i hope after all the work we put into it, he actually gets to go tomorrow.
he made a point to add extra treats to his sweethearts goody bag. hee hee

blue is for 10 years

how beautiful is this? This is my annivesary gift - it is a blue diamond flanked with two white diamonds which stand for Joe (blue) and Thom & Matt (white), my two sons. It is set in White Gold and its about 1.25 ct total
I'm not too proud to show off a little ;-)
in keeping with the blue tradition for 10 years, joe claimed the BLU ray disc player as his gift LOL. pretty clever.
he is getting an anniversay mini-album that my good friend roxann made for me since i didn't have the time to get one together - not that she has the time either - dont knwo how she did it, but she did and its beautiful! I have to tweek it with my photos and stuff and then I will postpics of it later. thanks roxann!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

boys will be boys

digiLO - jess bolton love this guy kit

Update: HYBRID version


i just made that up. it is a word to commemorate that matt has graduated to toofdom. the discovery was made this week (actually last friday)

it explains his incessant need to chew on anything that comes within reach of his face. (enter the picture below of him trying to chew the kitchen counter)

in celebration, i ordered (finally) the smartmom teething jewelry --- i should be getting my package any day now and i am excited on matts behalf!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

canoli hole

you know who you are...consider yourself warned! no bookie wookie = dead canoli in your bed

have i been taken for a ride?

yes, indeed i have...and it began last year, when some company called me stating that they were renewing magazine subscriptions - - i was led to believe they were renewing it on behalf of the magazine...but i just came to the realization that I'VE BEEN SCHNOOKERED

because they called me again the other day, telling me thank you for doing business with us last year yada yada yada...this time they wanted to sell me a subscription that would benefit special olympics of Ohio...and the last words out of their mouth was that I would get an invoice in the mail and a special letter from the whoever at special olympics. ok - i am not doubting that they are donating on my behalf to special olympics, however...when they mentioned my payment would be 5 installments of 9.99 for 15 issues - it didnt register in my head until after i hung up the phone.

i've been had. not once, but twice. 50.00 dollars for a 15 issue subscription!!! not this time buddy! i hopped on MM website because i KNEW it didnt cost that much for me in the past! in fact 19.99 for 18 issues ...

they charged me over 30.00 more for the subscription and special olympics gets only 12.5%!! that comes to a grand total of $6.24

riiiiiight - eat me DIAL-AMERICA. the only trouble I am having right now is whether i should send your bill back with a nasty note or just call you up and tell you what i think.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

blah blah blah

why is it i can go for weeks without talking to myself and then in one day i have all this stuff to post.

this picture cracks me up. how precious. matt decided he wasnt finished eating. so he leaned over to lick the leftovers off the counter. i happened to have the camera within reach, too bad it was a sucky shot. everything in focus except his face LOL

i ordered my new camera bag from tracy joy - thanks kerry for putting the link on your blog and selling me on it. i got the joey backpack version plus a zipper bag, plus a strap sleeve. in the hot couturier pink/black. can't wait to get it.

a few more projects completed today - must be the diet pepsi max - keeps me going. speaking of diet---i'm working on week 4 of simply counting calories and not going over 1500 a day. its not that hard really and it has started to pay off. I am seeing results! i'm inching ever closer to my 25 year old body...i think i lost like 8-10 pounds.

star trek marathon on today on sci-fi. love that.
sure beats superbowl. hate that.

my misplaced NY peep - i miss her. and so I made her and the girls some stuff today. for her i made this little friendship journal. the idea is to send it back & forth - she writes me a note or creates something inside...sends it back to me...i do the same and send it back. she who has the book for more than two weeks gets dubbed "CANOLI HOLE". i know who will be first.

Worldwin Papers Crafty Creations/paper bag card
Worldwin Papers parchment vellum (inside pages)
used my new Bind It All for binding it into a book. very cool toy. getting the hang of it.

i added a present pocket in the back for good measure!

for the girls - silver glitter monograms with green organza ribbon ties, green vellum envelopes - those are printed black & white paper inserts in there.

and finally - an i-might-keep-this-for-myself project:: a digital diary. of course ITS not digital, but its a handy dandy take anywhere book where you can keep your digital notes, user names/passwords/blog buddies/email addresses--and if your into digital artwork, a place for ideas...i used real live vintage library cards in there too. yea - i definately need to make another one of these.

I've been tagged! thanks BlondeFab

1. Name 1 thing you do everyday:

make coffee, drink coffee. make more coffee

2. Name 2 things you wish you could learn:

to play the guitar.
to relax.

3. Name 3 things that remind you of your childhood:

the smell of fair fries & malt vinegar.
orange yellow & green stripes (the pattern of my wallpaper in my room)

4. Name 4 things you love to eat, but rarely do:

blue cheese stuffed green olive (absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever)
hot melty brie & apples (ahhhhhhh)
fondue anything

5. Name 5 people/things that make you feel good:

my boys
the first cup from a pot of perfectly brewed coffee - (doesnt happen everyday - somehow a measurement is always askew)
completing a project
a day with no little to no email
taking a hot shower, getting dressed and doing my hair with absolutely no place to go.

i tag Yvonne & CurlyGirl and perhaps a few others ;-)

latest paper creations:

Saturday, February 2, 2008

i've discovered babysitters

wow. who knew. i found a babysitter - two in one actually - sisters. i'm so excited. i've never had babysitters before.