Friday, August 22, 2008

olympics, aol radio and dominos pizza

i'll admit - i'm addicted. i always am during the olympics. the tv remains on at all hours - i'll fall asleep and wake up all night long to olympic games. love it. yay misty & kerri. yay phelps. yay womens soccer team! i just cant get behind the dive competition - its just weird. and the chick correspondant is really getting on my nerves - she talks way too much.

i know i have aol radio listed on my blog someplace else - but i'm loving it more today since i found that it streams assorted real radio stations from around the u.s. i found my old fav, 103.1 the buzz in West Palm Beach FL - same dudes and everything after 4 yrs. it was especially swell listening to local news and traffic reports.

dominos pizza. i did a bad today. i actually signed up for online ordering thru dominos website and fell for the online real time pizza monitor trick. i dont really like dominoes, but everyone else does. they even have an order save feature - where you can just reorder the "usual" with a click. they've made it way too easy. ugh.

see how i just picked up where i left off? now i'm off to go blog surf. havent done that in a month so i have a lot of catching up to do.