Saturday, May 17, 2008

learn something - win something

here is WWP's first episode with FISKARS TV, with our fearless leader showing YOU how to make a fabulous photo box. Go watch it, learn a new project and then enter to win supplies to make your very own!

Have Fun!

Friday, May 16, 2008

just sayin hi!

i cant believe its been since the 7th that i've had anything to say. actually i still dont have anything to say.

its been a rough couple weeks.

christy & I are busy planning our budget and struggling over WHAT TO BUY! we want it ALL! we have some favs for sure, but once we get it all worked out, maybe we'll share the shopping list :-)

hmmmm.....I feel a poll coming on.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pink Tomato UPDATE

ok - so o o o o o

we have our official EIN number.
an LLC (in progress) duly named CRAFTY GIRLS LLC (i know, cute).
a bank account with some money in it
target date for a quiet opening (7/5/08)
target date for a grand opening (7/26/08) when the REAL fun begins!
and a storefront location - here is a picture! but dont go knockin on the doors just yet - we're not really there yet.
gotta love photoshop.

stay tuned!

Friday, May 2, 2008

pink tomato -the countdown

ok - well i guess its official ;-)

pink tomato is going to be a full on crafty girl hot spot, located in trendy downtown wooster ohio. its going to be FABULOUS! I promise!

so - today i'm going to begin to chronicle the days to grand opening, starting with my new blog header - (look up)

"we", as in christy (my partner in crime) and myself, will be pulling off a few surprises along the way, so stay tuned, and feel free to tell a friend, especially if you are within reasonable driving distance, because opening day is going to be party central and you will definately want to pop in and visit.

stay tuned...more to come.