Thursday, January 31, 2008

snow & starbucks

I keep looking out the window to see if its started yet- we're getting hit tonight - cant wait. I used to hate this stuff when I lived here long ago and had to travel my 45 min hike to cleveland (which often turned to 2.5-3 hours when it snowed. but at the time - i knew nothing of 4 wheel drive. that was only available on toyota 4 runners, chevy blazers and ford bronco's at the time. we have 4WD now - and i actually look forward to driving in the snow!

ode to starbucks skinny latte -
starbucks, oh starbucks, i thank you so
for seeing to it
that i may have my starbucks
and get skinny too

me before => starbucks white chocolate mocha = 350-400 calories (very nearly once a day)
me now => starbucks skinny hazelnut latte = 90 (once or twice a week)

Monday, January 14, 2008

its all about the O .... not

is anyone else with me that they were glad to see that the O chick is no longer in the commercials?

i would have died if I had to listen to another christmas season of her singing the O song to that one horse open sleigh stune (whats the name of it?)

man --- she annoyed me

Sunday, January 13, 2008

what is my kid talking about?


update:: gosh LOL i feel so hip again. i'm learning new words and my fav so far is

blacking out:: to turn off all electronic communication devices so that no one can find you.

ROFL! why do kids these days think they invented all this stuff? like, really. hello! was talking like a valley girl in 1984! i was so hyp --- i had AOL 1.0!!!

Hybrid TableTop Art

Worldwin Papers/Craftyboard
Worldwin Paper/Antique White/Treasures
Worldwin Papers/Inkjet Vellum
Generic Felt & Rhinestones
American Crafts / Kennedy Alpha Stickers
Tim Holtz/Distress Inks Fired Brick & Black
Striped Background Tinkering Ink Digital
Die Cut Felt with Sizzix & Wizard Machines
Photos & background elements all printed separately
and layered

Saturday, January 12, 2008

i'm doing it!

woo hooo - almost thru week one. and its not all bad --- i like counting calories way better than "points" - theres so much more to count ;-) i think i did drop a few pounds---i know about where i am so I'm going to give a few weeks before i really start looking at the scale. i've been ending the days with calries to spare. but woah---no more mocha shaka laka frappa for me..FOUR HUNDRED CALORIES in a grande! i was crushed. CRUSHED i tell you!


i mean it this time! i told joe that if we all help me and if i reach my goal by july, we'll go to WSA in LV in aug. and perhaps CHA in CHI too! oh cant forget ISS

oh check this out - made from scraps about to go to the garbage:

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

new year - new me

yah - whatever.
ok i admit, i began counting calories yesterday. i think i am determined as it seems to be festering in my soul now. i found this calorie checkbook online - and its free and handy. it calculated based on how much I want to lose and gave me a calorie budget and even a goal date. which was very motivating. July 8 is the day I plan to be a size 6/7 again ;-) - I am ashamed to admit - but it took the last 10 years to pack this on between marriage, kids and quitting smoking (4 years this year!!). I know I only have myself to blame, so only I can do something about it. but joe seems to realize now how important his support is and knows i am serious. he is a junk-food-aholic - so when we went grocery shopping he stayed out of the chip, cookie, candy and soda aisles. i am thankful for that. so here i am - hard boiled eggs, tuna, chicken, crackers, green vegetables, the end of the day i end up with calories to spare so i can indulge a little ... which is also good for the soul

here are some recent projects!