Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday, March 29, 2008

UNITY STAMP CO. and other things

worldwin papers white colormates
unity stamp company "simple pleasures" stamp kit
a black picture frame mat
rusty pickles chipboard letter "S"
prima paper flower
gen rhinestones

you know you're a paper dweeb when you buy a box of puffs because the box has a cool graphic

my other WWP projects that have been laying in wait!

Friday, March 28, 2008

philly day 2

room with a view/sheraton city centre

in the first one - follow the diagonal road in the center leads you to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You can see the building in the distance.

the thinker(s)

auguste rodin museum

the gates of hell

denise...gettin herself some...

this needs no explantion...we didnt happen to shout yo adrien! (LOL nicole!)- but we did run the stairs while trumpeting the rocky gig (....ok I didnt run the stairs ...but the boys did - both ways, 2 or 3 times)

the "rocky" view from the top of the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. we got to the top and didnt turn around for several minutes - i happened to finally turn around and was awestruck at the view.

when i first saw this, i thought perhaps it was a chunky leftover scrap of street striping that looked peculiarly like a little man, that a striper left behind thinking it was funny. as we walked thru the city for 2 days, we kept seeing more & more of them. they were only in the cross walks. We finally decided that maybe they were some sort of street arrows pointing a direction for a parade route, or a festival or maybe even a marathon. cute huh? we saw them in white, green and yellow

an amazing city.

5 Random things about me, via angela

i pass this challenge to whomever wants to partake!

1) i am afraid of airplanes

2) i love star trek

3) despite all the alternative music you see listed in my blog, i also listen to classical, jazz, blues and bluegrass

4) I paid 350.00 for my first car - a 1976 white mustang, i can still hear the aerosmith cassette tape playing in my head. my dads first new car was a 65 white mustang.

5) my room is messy and i dont make my bed

Thursday, March 27, 2008

independence, ben and cheesesteaks

it obvious that I have a bazillion pictures from philly but i've just gone thru and pulled a few key shots...they should pretty much be in order as we went thru town...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

philly cheesesteaks

we are off to philadelphia today for a long weekend to pretend we are nicholas cage (yum) on a mission to find a secret treasure. indeed, we love love love that movie (National Treasure) and it inspired us and our friends, the Dhayer Family, to take an 8 hour drive to go check out philly. time permitting, we will swing south thru DC - stop in Hershey to smell the chocolate, then pittsburgh for a stop to the Ikea store.

i have a mini kit packed and my hp photo printer and we will be keeping travelogues of our adventure.

oh. and eating at every philly cheesesteak joint we can find.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

washer update part III

so the maytag repairman showed up last week. despite popular belief, he does not wear a navy blue coverall uniform or a funny little hat. and he didnt used to be a program director for WKRP in CinCinaTTi either.

regardless, he fixed my washer and I've been able to mostly catch up.

tonight the new cabrio showed up. it is sitting the garage with its companion, the dryer. I decided once we get back from philly, we will move out the old ones, paint, paper and reorganize, then move the new ones in. I'm thinking yellow & white striped wall paper will help me feel all cheery like june cleaver,maybe it will make doing the laundry seem fun.

or not

Monday, March 17, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

happy birthday dad

thomas carl olds
march 14, 1944 - march 25, 1995
In one of the stars, I shall be living.
In one of them, I shall be laughing.
And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night.
~ The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery
happy birthday dad. i miss you.

hey there ogden utah!

dear ogden, utah:
i just thought i'd take a moment to say hello! i've noticed you come in & out via my anniversary album that roxann made for me! i hope that means you like it! anyway - next time youre here, leave me a comment and let me know who you are!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


ok for me who never wins anything - although i cant really say I try often - i actually WON SOMETHING! SOMETHING I LIKE TOO! Something i will actually USE!

Thank you so much Angela, Creative Director and Owner of Unity Stamp Company.

I so love this business!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

tea cup hook up

arent these the cutest damn things you ever saw? this was my major find for the day. credit goes to pat catans (based right here in oHIo). saw them. loved them. had to buy them.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


so y sent me a link to the UNITY STAMP COMPANY blog who was having a stamp give away. a new & innovative stamp company with really cool designs and a very interesting and clever use of an acrylic & wood hybrid handle. wood mounteds but on a thin sheet of wood that slides into the wood/acrylic handle. i loved the clever storage solution - hanging from a chain or a rope or a string...a string of stamps! LOVE that! i think i really need to hook up on these.

hmm...DT hook up perhaps? we'll see, but i'm totally buying either way!

anyway, i left a comment on the blog, my first time EVER doing that!
i didnt win.

Friday, March 7, 2008

washer update

i neglected to mention that i cleaned my washer so good that it no longer works. I must not have realized that the years of softener gunk buildup was probably lubricating the transmission. lol. anyway. we bought a new set. we got the whirlpool cabrio. you know the one that does like 3 loads at once?!? and is high efficiency and uses less water! talk about going green! i'm very excited. the washer isnt here yet but the dryer is.

in the meantime, our maytags are still under warranty (we just found this out) and we are getting the washer fixed. so - anyone looking for a decent set of maytags, mine are for sale. its the Maytag Atlantis set bought in 2001. they've been great to us.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


meet mrs. beasley, AKA weenie/weiner/weewee /beenie/beaner/bee. if you havent guessed already, she is a Shar-pei and clearly in this photo, she has just finished eating. she likes running around outside, she loves kisses and hugs and loves "hunting". just outside in the backyard. she is very athletic and likes to catch birds, varmints, and in general, anything that wanders into her domain where they arent supposed to be. she has a mind of her own and her own agenda. she is smart and doesnt fall for the usual tricks.

this is what she looked like when we first brought her home. cute huh? she is AKC registered, and is the great grand daughter of BIS, BISS, AKC and Canadian Ch. Shenanigans Storm Surge and CH Bahwindsor Wudn't Itbe Luvly. She is looking for a stud in case anyone is interested.

this is jack. he is just a mutt. he is big and red. he was a pound puppy. he is afraid of his own shadow. but he likes to "hunt" things too. he also likes to snoop and he likes to sleep. he can sleep all day in one spot if you let him. he hates being outside, especially in cold or wet weather. (not so with mrs. beasley)

he likes to eat too. one day, after our pest control lady was here, jack found a black rubber glove sitting on the step outside my old office. it was left there at my instruction to the pest control lady. she was rodent hunting that day and left me with some extra bait. she had carefully wrapped them inside a rubber glove and tied off the end for me.

i forgot about it.

too tired to cook, we packed up and left to go out to dinner that evening. I noticed the black glove out of the corner of my eye and my brain told me it was my black winter gloves. I left them lay there. it wasnt that cold out. when we got home a couple hours later, we found cookie crumbs ALL OVER THE FLOOR everywhere. my mind is thinking he got into the dog cookies. again.

but no, quickly my mind told me that was not cookie crumbs. it was rodent bait. and if mice think it tastes good enough to eat, then dogs certainly will too.

he ate it all. a whole rubber glove full. it explained the shredded pieces of rubber glove here and there too.

to shorten the story - i called poison control and we called vets and not even our own vet would take him in for an emergency (well he would have if he hadnt sold it to a young new vet who doesnt know anything about customer service or the love of his trade) - he wanted to send us to Akron (hello an hour away!)

We found another doc in town - an old timer who is old school and if your animal is hurting, he is there to help no matter what. he told us to use a turkey baster to force feed jack with peroxide to induce vomiting...riiiiight.

he met us at his office- gave jack this little tiny pill that he put inside his eyelid - weird right? Instant vomit. I'm telling you - there was mouse bait all over the place within seconds.

he's ok now. i think he would have been ok anyway - he's the size of a horse.

so thats my dog story. i was reminded (thanks YB/KB) that I had forgotten to write about it as i said i would in my "roach post"