Monday, July 28, 2008

G*O* spells AWESOME

i dont think i can truly express how well GO went - I mean we had the fabulo-city (sorry blonde - had to borrow that one) of YVONNE & KIMBER; record sales - i'm talkin' double the sales of our record sales. a bunch of new friends coming thru the doors and we topped it off with a swanky cocktail party with our close friends & family.

AND my dear friend melissa & her daughter kelsey SHOWED UP AT 3:00am the night before driving from NY (i was zonked - this would be the night I slept with a michelob).

and CRAP - we didnt even get any canoli.

my other dear friend denise played photographer again, but she hasnt forked over the flash - so as soon as I get it - i will post pics.

it was sorta like planning a wedding - i mean i loved all the stress of planning it - but I'm glad its over and we can move forward with carving our niche.

i am pretty sure the folks who have visited us so far --- all "get it" --- which sends me a clear message that we are needed :-)

Friday, July 25, 2008

1 day

so here i am, sitting in bed - trying to unwind. watching the news. sipping on a michelob ultra pomegranate & raspberry beer. yum - i owe this new obsession to christy - thanks very much

i am NOT a lush!

my feet hurt

i'm trying counteract the caffeine from today

got a big day tomorrow

did i mention my feet hurt?

hit kohls sales this week - hit jackpot.

my cholesterol level is 214 - gotta stop eating ANIMAL FAT

got my hair cut - christy said it will make me look ---youthful--- heehee - so tara came over at like 7:30 yesterday morning and starting chopping - probably about 2-3 inches came off. i'm loving the idea of a mobile hair stylist - if i can find a good maid I'll be all set.

I cant wait to see yvonne & kimber - what a treat. I feel so priviledged to have them here - i really do. I even squeezed in my own workshop :-) woo hoo!

i couldnt wait to see mel too - did i mention mel's canoli hole needs choc chips? canoli? with chocolate chips? Yum - C & I had a piece today after dinner at Muddy Waters. as for mel - well she knows what I'm talking about ;-)

someone needs to open another restaurant here downtown - something would be perfect here. I'm thinking maybe something in island or cajun or southern slop. I'm missing some good spanish food too. ugh - does that mean I am missing florida - just a little? maybe tomorrow i'll make some black beans & rice

as for pink tomato - its going great so far. 3 classes sold out for tomorrow and we've added 2 more slots for kimber & yvonne.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Grand Opening! July 26th!

sign ups for the celebrity workshops are underway!
get your seats reserved NOW!!
call the store - 330-264-2327
visit the website - click on EVENTS

Monday, July 7, 2008


thats all we can say. we got the keys on the 1st and totally blitzed the store opening living strictly on diet pepsi max, mountain mudd coffees, and aleve.

we did it and we love it and we are grateful to everyone who showed their support and helping us get it done and for everyone who walked thru our doors on saturday. we are so looking forward to offering everyone a fun and new and uncommon crafting experience.

here are pics of the actual WORK being done! (to your right--->)

I will have pics of opening day and the final pics of the store how it looks later this evening - Denise took those and i'll have to grab her flash card at the baseball game tonight...