Friday, October 26, 2007

crafty creations...

man i love this stuff!

Monday, October 22, 2007


OMG we woke up this morning and as we were getting our coffee we slipped into that foggy reality and instantly felt like throwing up.

the crushing ending to the Indians-Sox game last night. ahhhhh! we still love them though. and are very very proud!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

counting my blessings...

digi kit:: J. Bolton's delight in photos

Thursday, October 18, 2007

thom & joey

digi kit: yb scrapbooking fall kit @
misc frames & brushes

big ol rollin turd

lol - i love that movie RV---we are now the proud owners of a new motor coach. this will be our 2nd class a type. we picked it up today and we cant wait to take it out.

like saturday. we're taking it out to dinner ROFL

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

can you say ---- benign?

yes the call came and its all over. no sign of anything resembling breast cancer. i just feel incredibly humbled and blessed and yet at the same time i feel sad and guilty for those who didnt get the same call as me. i know several people fighting cancer and I admire them for their strength and courage and the struggle they endure every single day.

we get caught up in our everyday lives pushing ourselves to our limits with work and forgetting whats really important. i need to remember that i only travel through this life one time. i need to live every single day as if there will be no tomorrow. you should too - because you never know what card you will be dealt next.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

i went i hung i conquered

i know its 5 days after the fact, but tomorrow i should be getting the results of the biopsy. i was proud of myself - i only broke down once. LOL.

ugh! this SUCKS!

on the lighter side - check this baby out - its the first thing on the list for my big vacation plan 6 yrs from now --- the coach --- this may very well be ours by the end of this week. wooooo hooooo!

Monday, October 8, 2007

do your boobs hang low

ok - some might not think thats too funny, but i just couldnt stop that stupid song from coming into my head when i think about my biopsy tomorrow. i'm really not sure what to expect on this contraption thing they were trying to describe to me, but i have a feeling its probably going to feel way more humiliating than the birthing position.

so in an effort to try and make light of an inconvenient situation, i will sing the song in my head and hope it will go by quick.

in the meantime, my fingers are crossed that the indians can pull this off tonight and just be done with this series so we can move on. i can't believe lebron wore a freaking yankees cap to the first game. that was about as low as low gets, and he really was a true born & raised ohioan; set himself up as a respectable role model (so far)---gosh i really cant believe he did that. i hope he is embarrassed and ashamed of himself. i just have to remember, he's still young and has a lot of growing and maturing to do. i hope one day he looks back on that and understands what that meant to his hometown, friends and fans.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

hi ho

shopping we did go. we drove to akron today and shopped all day long. it was nice to get out of the house and be free today---

* it started at archivers - spent 80.00
* pit stop at starbucks 8.00
* sirpilla rv. we looked at rv's. - would have loved to spend 300,000.00 but would have had to sell the house, and my husband the kids and the dogs. and take my scrap crap back to archivers. which was out of the question.
* babies r us - indians outfits for matt ++ - 40.00
* old navy - LOL got matt he funniest pumpkin costume. and some stuff for thom - 40.00
* bj's - baby formula - best price! 60.00 two extra larges cans
* cracker barrell - good grub. 23.00
* and no shopping day would be complete without a stop at target. more starbucks for the ride home. 201.00 UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the day lasted 10 hours.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

baseball is over.

soccer is over.

thom is bummed.

joe is happy (no coaching for 6 months)

for me, it will be nice to slow down a little

i think i will pull pictures of this years sports and have thom scrapbook them himself

i love gadgets

ok - so for me, being the gadget geek that i am, everytime i see something new that (to me) appears to have a real genuine purpose, i buy it!

so why cant i get up off the money to go get one of those mini irons for my ribbons and stuff? i dont know. they have a new state of the art ribbon iron out there now too---can i just say how dumb that is? holy crap I think some of these people are running out of ideas on what they can make next & try and convince everyone:: how did they live without it?

but i did have a brilliant idea of my own---trade up for a new hair straightening iron (an awesome chi iron) and use my old cheap one in the craft room - for RIBBON!
i probably shouldn't post that here huh? the idea will undoubtedly show up at the next trade show. not that beeeleeeions of people read my blog - but hey, I could invent my own version and market it and make a meeeeleeeeeeon dallahs! nah - too much work. i think i'll just share the idea with those who read this and leave it at that.

ok so that doesnt do much for paper, but my 20 year old iron i have out there already will do.