Sunday, September 30, 2007

my best friend's girllllll

new layout on one of my favorite subjects--->kelsey

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What in the WORLD can you do with WORLDWin Papers?

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

LOL they call them bee-bees

ok so i was asked to post an update on the mammo situation---(thanks for the nudge renee ck - sometimes i'm like my big red dog - if I can't see it, then it doesnt exist - which is another story)

i love my doctor - she sort of feels that CC is overreacting - you know - radiologist sees something - cant confirm it on all the different pictures she took, so she passes the buck to someone else to make the call. you know in this world of sue-happy people, shes just covering her ass.

ok but first i gotta tell you---its the funniest shit. for those of you who have NOT had the pleasure --- they put these little stick on bb's on your nips. ok if it werent for the full on feelings of humiliation that have set in by this time - i would be cracking up because they remind me of the nipple tassels the strippers wear - without the tassels of course...the nurse thinks she forgot to put one on, cant find it but she was sure she did - then she finds it stuck to her sleeve. ok - so that doesnt seem that funny - but in the scheme of things it kinda ok so the next morning i'm like "what the hell?!" i forgot they were on and i found them still stuck. i'm wondering what joe would have had to say if HE had found them.

ok - so i see the surgeon (on 9/18) - hoping & praying he says the radiologist is a quack and that I dont need a biopsy - but no favors for me that day. I go on Oct 9th. he explained, very nicely that because it is my first time - there is no baseline. so these spots could have been there for 20 years but no one knows that for sure and we just need to eliminate all the possibilities. ok i can live with that. what peeves me is that I'm weird about male doctors. but I can rationalize that at least its just a "boob job" - and I dont have to put my feet in stirrups --------right?


Monday, September 24, 2007

oh my stars

this layout speaks for itself. all digital elements used: FAITH TRUE GRUNGE FRAMES (AT POLKADOTPOTATO.COM) and SANDE KREIGER BACKGROUND BRUSHES (AT 2 PEAS). 6X12"

Friday, September 14, 2007

my new desk

and holy smokes! i love casey blake!

enough said!

yes, it's for real!

i thought it was just a fluke, but then it happened again...and again...and AGAIN! we have reached milestone #1!

hallelujeah, he sleeps all night long!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

cows r cool

gotta love rural america. HAH! how cool is this - its called FAIR DAY and they give all the kids in Wayne County the day off school on Monday of the Wayne County Fair and give them free tickets to go.

and they actually still have baking contests and 4-H displays and flowers & biggest pumpkin displays. and they have lots of animals. and of course the cheesey midway rides & games. it costs 2.00 to get in - for everyone - and kids under 6 are free. they have great concerts (not any no-names either)- which are included in your 2.00 fare. and you buy only as many ride tickets for cheap as you need. the food is awesome!

the fair i'm used to in South Florida (Palm Beach County) cost over 15.00 plus you need to get a bracelet for the rides (flat fee whether you use it or not) and pay extra for the concerts. they had a bull get loose one time and it ran thru the whole place - but thats all i really remember seeing of any animals.

just another reminder of why i moved to the country. i think i need to get a horse, a cow or a goat or something---

Saturday, September 8, 2007


i am still inspired to to go back to school - but you know its so dang hard when you live in cowville. i guess that is one thing i miss about being a city girl. you can always find what you're looking for.

on the other hand, thats also what I dont miss about the big city :-)

Friday, September 7, 2007

i'm sure its nothing...

I'm going to go ahead and share my past week's experience. this is something worthy enough to document and where better than a blog? I mean I'm no good at journaling and because this computer is in my face all day, its an easy outlet. I mentioned last week to my design team friends that I went for my very first mammogram. we were talking about age and growing up and birthdays. like kerry said - she celebrated the 12th anniversary of her 29th birthday last week. no one likes to talk about these things as it really is a sucky thing to grow old. anyway, they called me back a couple days later and wanted me to come in for more x-rays. wow. how serious could this be really, nothing ever happens to me right? i hardly ever even get sick. so i went this morning (Cleveland Clinic) - they took like 8 more x-rays of each side and determined there was a spot that they needed to get a closer look at. So they took me in for an ultrasound. and again, the ultrasound showed an area that the doctor felt was important enough to get a biopsy. sooooo. I am going again on the 18th for a consult with the surgeon and we'll go from there. needless to say this is a little unnerving. but i'm sure its nothing, geez i just had a baby so it has to be related to that somehow, right? nonetheless, for someone who never cries, i've sure had my share of tears today.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cleveland Indians

the chase for the pennant is on and we are excited. thom's 9th birthday is coming up and he wanted to go to an indians game, so i just bought 4 tickets for the oakland a's / kid's day game on the 23rd. he's gonna be stoked!
i just hope we hit lottery for post season tickets ...
go tribe!

Monday, September 3, 2007

a little something---

besides any tweeking i may do,all thats left is a new glass top which i will call and order tomorrow..woo hoo!

a little something embroidered

men are the hunters...

...except mine is the bargain hunter kind. the shopper - he is worse than a woman. thats easy to say for me because i cant stand it anymore unless i am by myself, i'm not even good at shopping with a friend. i dunno why - i guess i just dont want to feel pressured into moving too quick or moving too slow.

he's happiest when shopping the clearance end caps at target, or the end of season markdowns at lowes. we literally go to target sometimes as an afterthought. i decide to sit in the car while he makes his perimeter walk to find something good and he's out in about 10-15 minutes.

i guess the thing that kills me most is when i'm not there to guide him into smart shopping. sometimes, he buys because it is on clearance and we MIGHT need it someday (buts its 75% off)!

he comes home from lowes after his big hunt. he throws his big purchase (this time it a big box with an outdoor cedar swing) on the counter like a big piece of meat he wants me to cook while beating his chest and screaming i am man.

my life will be miserable for the next few weeks while i nag at him to remove the beast from my house.


ps. the big find on the cedar swing turned out to be just the a-frame. swing sold separately. and we have 3 of these.

what the hell was that?

so i havent really been using this as much as a blog as i have my own creative gallery. i decided to change that today. i didnt choose today at random. i just decided it would be a good thing to actually start saying something. my other musings are over at its 4:30 and i am having my afternoon coffee after a long labor day weekend. literally. you know, i found out that a lot of youngsters these days (hey - i still think i am youngster - thats weird) actually think that labor day is a military holiday. in fact i never even thought much about it until saturday when i stopped in our embroidery shop and a gal that works for us had made some window signs. it stated that we would be closed on labor day. and then she included a nice little piece of clipart showing a uniformed officer giving a salute. it dawned on me at that moment that it wasnt a military holiday. i never really knew what it was, but it wasnt military. so i decided to wiki it.

so its supposed to be a day of rest for the working man (and woman). i suppose i should have laid around on the sofa watching movies and gorging myself all day, but i didnt. i accomplished a lot on this day off. i finished up my back hallway which i painted red.

i also finally started my altered table project, after 2 years.

it was a clumsy day too for me. is that a sign of getting old?
holy crap what was that?? thats me in the kitchen freaking out after hearing a loud crash. i'm thinking baby swing fell apart - with baby in it - so i'm running thru the house to the room with the swing, eyeballing the floor along the way to make sure it wasnt something else instead. i reach baby and he's fine and he's sleeping and swinging away. what a life. so i keep going, thru my office, nothing. i reach the back hallway (that had just been freshly painted) and to my horror, my wall shelf, which had a framed piece of stamped art and a burning candle had crashed from above - spewing hot dark orange candle wax e v e r y w h e r e. there was an upside to this, i decided. it gave me the opportunity to finally see what was under the carpet on the step - something i had thought about off & on over that 48 hours while i was painting.

i also decided it was worthy of photographic documentation. i dunno - i guess because it was one of those things that really just annoyed me today because it was one more thing added to my list of things stopping me from getting what i really wanted to get done. it was like the fly-away hair that kept tickling my nose --- after my day at the salon saturday i was was so wanting to cut off all the hair i had been growing out - just becasue of that one freaking hair. or just when i am at a point i can really dig into my projects, the baby wakes up and wants fed. soooo, i go grab my camera. my prized possession. the one i paid all that money for. the one i never keep in the bag because i need it handy at all times. the one i just bought that awesome new lense for!
as if the horror of spilled wax wasnt enough to make my day, as i grab my camera, the neck strap catches something and the camera jerks out of my hands and goes crashing to the floor. my brand new lense. shattered. OMG.