Wednesday, May 26, 2010

we're so SQUARE

the usps has acknowledged that its ok to be square

in this press release, the United States Postal Service announces all the details {for those of us who love to be square in our correspondence} of the new stamps for special sized invitations & stationery...of the square kind

“These stamps take the guesswork out of how much postage to put on the square greeting card envelopes that are so popular with consumers.” – Stephen M. Kearney, senior vice president, Customer Relations, U.S. Postal Service

How exciting! and oh so very fashionable!


  1. hey gurl---so glad to see you reopened your blog--things are going well here in Columbus--do you still have classes available anytime soon?--i'll keep in touch!--remain blessed lady!

  2. Hey! How the heck are you! We will definitely host a paper party for you!